What to Wear

Generally, dark cloths work best for corporate headshot photos. The emphasis of the photo is the subject’s face, not the body. Dark clothing will provide the necessary contrast to emphasize your face. Our chosen background is a dark, cool gray so a hit of color in your attire will be nice, and you won't clash no matter what color you choose to wear.


Wear clothes that are comfortable and that make you look great

Make sure your jacket and shirt fit you well. A poor fitting jacket or shirt will be obvious in the photos

Don't overdress

Turtlenecks are almost always a bad idea (since they crowd the face)

Clothes should be neatly pressed and should look new

Avoid big prints, busy patterns and large lines/stripes. Patterns, such as loud strips or colorful dots, will be a distraction in your photo.


Please wear a standard business look— suit jacket, dress shirt and tie


Please wear a standard business look— jacket, blouse or shell - blouse or shell should ideally be darker than your skin tone

Different necklines will change the apparent shape of your face. Wear what your most comfortable with.

Most important, wear something that makes you feel good. You want to be relaxed and comfortable for your photo shoot. Wearing something that makes you feel your best will help you relax and enjoy the whole experience of getting your photo taken.


For women, make-up is recommended, but not required. It is at your discretion how you want to best present yourself.

Make-up should be clean and natural

Translucent powder will help your face appear flawless in photos. Shine disappears, pores seem smaller, skin looks even, and blush is smoother

Line lips before applying matte lipstick, then reline. Don't overdo it.

Avoid shimmers or products with lots of sparkle or shine

Avoid frosts or garish colors 

You may want to bring extra makeup with you to the shoot itself, and ask the photographer — sometimes an extra layer or two of lipstick or blush is needed.

Hair — it’s probably best if it isn’t pulled back all the way, but half-up, half-down, or all down with a simple, clean part.

For men, be clean shaven or have facial hair trimmed and coiffed.


The best photos are those where the subject is looking relaxed and natural. Feel free to have a conversation with the photographer during the session. Go ahead and crack a few jokes, talk about family, or whatever. It makes for a much more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Finally: remember the purpose of the shot. Things you’re aiming to look: Friendly. Detail-oriented. Intelligent.
Things you’re not aiming to look: Fun. Flirty. Spontaneous. Sexy.
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